Smita Prakash Wiki, Bio, ANI Editor, Modi Interview 2019

Smita Prakash Wiki

Smita Prakash Wiki , Bio , ANI Editor , Modi Interview 2019

Smita Prakash Wiki, Bio, ANI Editor, Modi Interview 2019: Smita Prakash is the Editor News, at the Asian News International (ANI), An India’s leading Multimedia News Agency and  India Correspondent for the Channel News Asia, the Singapore based broadcaster. She recently interview Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Everyone is talking about Modi Interview 2019 with Smita Prakash. Here is ANI Editor Smita Prakash Wiki and Bio.

Smita Prakash Wiki | Smita Prakash Bio

In a journalistic career spanning almost the two decades, she had reported for The NPR News America, The NHK Japan and many more foreign broadcasters on several news stories from the field in India. When writing about Smita Prakash Wiki we can’t Ignore that besides the developments from India, be it the elections, calamities, political developments, the international events or other news stories, this involves covering many of the world’s most dangerous conflicts and the devastating events during this period. So this is all about Smita Prakash Wiki or Smita Praksh Bio.

ANI Editor Smita Prakash Career | Popular Shows

Among several news and the current affairs shows that she have anchored across many platforms, like Ghoomta Aina on Zee TV and the Newsmakers on Doordarshan are still remembered fondly by the many viewers. Her show “This week in India” was the longest running show on the television in South Africa.

Along with  coverage of key events, She have been fortunate to interview many of world’s top leaders and interesting personalities during her career.

PM Modi First Interviw Of 2019 By Smita Prakash

In interview with  Smita Prakash, chief editor, ANI, PM Modi, who had come under intense direct attack from the Congress president Rahul Gandhi over various issue, responded to many issues which includes Rafale jet deal, Triple Talaq, Ram Mandir etc. Here are few Highlights of Narendra Modi Interview 2019 with Smita Prakash.

Narendra Modi Interview With Smita Prakas HIGHLIGHTS 

The Parliament is a place for debates and discussion. We have to respect the sanctity of the Parliament: PM Modi

The  Villages on the banks of the Ganga are the ODF. This is major accomplishment: PM Modi

I have been working with full sincerity towards cleaning the Ganga: PM Modi

Pakistan will never going to improve on the basis of one war. That nation will still take time to improve.  All the PMs of India, across all the parties never opposed any dialogue with Pakistan. But, can we hear anything in midst of bombs. Today, terrorism supporting Pakistan is isolated: PM Modi.

On the topic of surgical strikes, there are some major political parties who began to speak the same language as of Pakistan. These political parties were demeaning our armed forces. They politicised such major issue. As PM, I will always appreciate the armed forces of India.

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