Anil Thatte Wiki, Biography, Wife, Family, Hairstyle, Looks

Marathi Big Boss

Anil Thatte Wiki, Biography, Wife, Family, Hairstyle, Looks

Anil Thatte Wiki, Biography, Wife, Family, Hairstyle, Looks : Marathi Big Boss season one is started. Everyone was excited to know who will be the contestants for first ever Marathi Big Boss. Names of participants are reveled in first episode of Big Boss. It is speciality of Big Boss TV show that they put 1 or 2 famous celebrities in home of big boss which are not related to TV industry. And in this Marathi Big Boss that famous personality is Anil Thatte. After watching Anil Thette on opening episode of Marathi Big Boss everyone was surprised because of his dressing style and colorful hairstyle. Now everyone wants to know about Anil Thatte Wiki, Biography, Wife, Family, Hairstyle and looks.

Anil Thatte Wiki, Biography

Anil thatte was born on 17 January 1950. His current age is 69 years. Anil Thatte specially known for his weird looks and hairstyle. He is journalist by profession but also claimed to be astrologer and  style icon.

Anil Thatte Education, College, Career

Anil Thatte did his schooling from new English School. He completed his post graduation in M.A from Ramnarain this college Mumbai. He started his career as journalist. And once upon a time he was running newspaper Gaganbhedi. News paper was about scoop, scandles and vulgur jokes. After that he stopped his work as a journalist for long time.

Anil Thatte Multicolored hair and style

Anil Thatte is popular for his living style. He like to attract attention of people towards him. Some people appreciate his style and some criticize him for his multicolored hair.

Many people criticize him not for Multicolored hair but for overconfidence and for claiming himself as a guru. He has written many quotes which shows his overconfidence. Some of quotes like

“You would not find a person like me. Unique!”

” I have lived my life by choice and I would leave by my choice ”

But he is very straight and outspoken person. He also look like honest person in Marathi Big Boss. Now people of Maharashtra may like his true nature in Marathi Big Boss.

Anil Thatte also wear various type of jewellery and he is also having some kind of ownership in swarg jewellers which is owned by manik lal chedda.

Not more information is available about his family and wife.

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